Saturday, March 5, 2011

This assignment was to do three illustrations for a book of our choice. I chose The Hobbit which is one of my favorites. We had to do a cover, an interior (the goblin king), and a spot (night scene of the hobbit hole). Hope you like em.

This is the piece that I submitted to Society of Illustrators. Didn't get in but I really enjoyed doing it.

Oh my!! Another self portrait!!! I couldn't think of anything to do for this project so I guess you could say I was "Stumped".

Hey guys I've been so busy I have totally forgotten to update my blog. Good things are happening I'm currently working on a big monument sculpture that will go in a garden in Sarasota!!! Exciting stuff. I have a lot of work to out up. First up here is how i think most college students feel about college. Haha.